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GUDGEON PIN CLAMP BOLT                                                        33 LBFT

ROD BIG END BOLTS                                                                    25 LBFT

MAIN BEARING CAP NUTS                                                            63 LBFT

FLYWHEEL TO CRANKSHAFT BOLTS                                           50 LBFT

CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE BOLTS                                              19 LBFT

OIL PICKUP PIPE TO SUMP BOLTS                                               6 LBFT

CAMSHAFT LOCATING PLATE BOLTS                                           6 LBFT

CAMSHAFT SPROCKET BOLT                                                       50 LBFT

TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER BOLTS                                                6 LBFT

SUMP TO BLOCK BOLTS                                                              19 LBFT

TIMING CHAIN COVER BOLTS                                                       19 LBFT

CRANKSHAFT PULLEY BOLT                                                        50 LBFT

CYLINDER HEAD NUTS                                                                 50 LBFT

ROCKER TOWER BOLTS (8 MM)                                                   16 LBFT

ROCKER TOWER BOLTS (10 MM)                                                 43 LBFT

OIL PUMP TO BLOCK BOLTS                                                        6 LBFT



WATER PUMP PULLEY NUT                                                          10 LBFT

GENERATOR PULLEY NUT                                                            35 LBFT

TRANSMISSION OUTPUT FLANGE NUT                                         65 LBFT

REAR AXEL HUB NUT                                                                    85 LBFT*

FRONT AXEL HUB NUT                                                                  40 - 70 LBFT

            WHEEL LUG NUTS                                                                        50 LBFT


            *Then to next closest cotter pin slot in nut