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To ensure a good bond for ground points on any metal surface in the car, proceed as follows:

1) Clean the area around the bolt hole down to bright, shiny metal. An easy of doing this is to use a pilot bonding end brush in a drill to clean around the hole (see below for where to get these brushes). If a brush is not available, scrape all paint off of the metal around the hole and then use sandpaper to get a perfectly clean surface.

2) Once the surface is cleaned down to bright, shiny metal, coat the surface well with any conductive, anti-corrosion surface compound, such as Kopr-Shield (see below for where to get Kopr-Shield).

Pilot bonding end brushes are available from MSC Industrial Supply Co. (800-645-7270)
(Web site http://www.mscdirect.com)
1/2” End Brush with 3/16” pilot - P/N 00126722
1/2” End Brush with 1/4” pilot - P/N 00126730

Kopr-Shield – Thomas & Betts P/N 201-31879 is available from The Eastwood Co (web site http://www.eastwoodco.com). It is also available at electrical supply outlets such as CED or Stussers and is probably available at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

-Dave DuBois