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If your ignition light comes on when driving, you have lost your fan belt or your generator has possibly stopped charging. To check if it is the generator you remove both wires from the generator, and with the engine at 1500 rpm join the two generator terminals together with a small Screw driver, then quickly pull the screw driver away from a terminal. If you get a thick blue-orange flash the generator is o.k.

With no flash, remove the generator band and inspect the brushes for wear. If the brushes are worn the spring could have bottomed on its hold; an emergency repair would be a small shaped piece of wood under the spring to cause brush to press on the commutator again.

Without the generator charging, the battery will go flat in about three to four hours driving (no lights). If you are with other Healey people you could trade batteries with other cars that could keep you supplied with a charged battery.

If your problem was the generator and you rebuild it, don't forget to remove the field coils to inspect the tape.

by Norman Nock