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 Gas tank capacity conversions.

A Quart Into a Pint Pot? 

One of the more mystifying things about British cars is that some things that should be obvious just don't seem to make sense. One of these has to be the gallonage that is always quoted for the gas tank capacity in the MGB. The manuals quote the size of the early MGB tank at 10 gallons, which was increased to 12 gallons around 1966. We all know that we have managed to cram more than this into the tanks, I know that I have personally put 14.1 gallons into an MGB-GT tank. 

Several wild hypotheses exist to explain this discrepancy, a variable volume fuel system that expands in the heat, or maybe that gasoline is more dense in the USA. WRONG! The reason for this anomaly is the elusive quantity known as the Imperial Gallon. The British (before they became Metricized) made use of Imperial fluid measure. An Imperial gallon adds up to exactly 1.20095 good old US gallons. This being the case, the above 12 (Imperial Gallon) tank works out to be 14.4 US gallons. 

Now that you know this, you can convert back and forth between US gallons and Imperial gallons as follows:

To convert Imperial gallons to US gallons, multiply by 1.20095

To convert US gallons to Imperial gallons, multiply by .83267

Paul Kile, Purveyor of Arcane MG Lore