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           SVMGCC Regalia Page        

The Sacramento Valley MG Car Club has a logo that includes a miner to reflect the history of the region. Additionally, the club has used “SVMGCC” (with the MG inside an Octagon) on garments to represent club membership. The regalia program is intended to provide members with quality articles of clothing with either logo embroidered on them. The policy of the club is not to maintain an inventory of items aside from ball caps, jacket patches and cloisonné grill badges.

The club has a vendor that can provide items with embroidered logos when members request them. The Regalia Chairman maintains a loose leaf binder with pictures of available items along with a price list. The range of items includes clothing from several manufacturers and a range of styles/cost/quality. If members have items that they have acquired and wish to have them embroidered, it can be done for the cost of the embroidery. The pricing for items will be the cost plus tax rounded up to the nearest dollar, any residual going to the club. Members will find that the cost of the items (including the logo) is competitive with the same item without the logo found at retail stores.

Because one of the contributing factors to cost is volume, we have negotiated a pricing structure based on orders of at least 6 items to be embroidered with a specific logo. The six items can be a combination of any articles in the binder plus customer provided items. So, when members want to order items, the Regalia Chairman will gather orders until the threshold of 6 items is reached and then will place the order with the vendor. The second contributing factor is stitch count. The miner logo has an extraordinarily high stitch count compared to the SVMGCC. The cost to embroider the miner logo on a customer provided garment is $16.00 and the SVMGCC logo is $9.00.We will place photos of members wearing various articles with the approved logos on the website when they are available.




April 11, 2010

Some of you have expressed interest in obtaining jackets with the large 9" club miner logo on the back.

As I indicated there is a broad range of jackets available through our vendor. If you have something specific in mind or you already own a jacket you want embroidered, that can be done. The only constraint is that we have at least 6 garments done at a time. (By the way it takes about 3 computer/machine hours for the 9" miner logo to be embroidered.)

We are developing an order now and would like to include anyone who is interested in the order so that the constraint on the number of garments does not hold up your order.

Brian and I are ordering fleece jackets similar to the one previously created for the club. Unfortunately that original style is no longer manufactured. Phil and Donna Marie have something very specific in mind and plan on supplying their own jackets to have embroidered.

If you provide the jackets, putting the SVMGCC (MG inside an octagon) on then front and 9" miner logo on the back would cost $54 per jacket for the embroidery.

If you wish to look up the range of vendor provided jackets:

www.clicksundance.com  Click on embroidery & screen prints > outerwear> fleece> and then look at what is available. If you want to see what Brian and I are planning to order in light olive/taupe: F200/L200 - The cost of the fleece jacket plus having the SVMGCC (MG inside octagon) on the front and the 9" miner logo on the back would be $96

For other jackets:

Click on embroidery & screen printing> outerwear> parkas/shells/ systems> J771, J777, and J779 are ones which I had cost estimates for having the SVMGCC (with MG inside octagon) or the shirt sized miner logo placed on the front. For example the J777 which has the outer jacket and a zip out fleece vest:

- The cost of the jacket and fleece vest plus the small miner logo on both items would be $112

- The cost of the jacket and fleece vest plus the SVMGCC logo on both items would be $94

I have not gotten a cost estimate to have the SVMGCC on the front and the 9" miner logo on the back. If you tell me what you want I can have the cost available rather quickly.

Jane Sonner