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 Sacramento Valley MG Car Club

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A message from SVMGCC President, Lindsay Costigan

Jim and Lindsay Costigan with their 1960 MGA Coupe

Being a member, and now President, of the Sacramento MG Car Club has brought to my life a rewarding experience. I feel like I'm part of a big family which not only has a lot of fun together, but is made up of members who look after each other. Our one-day and multiple-day runs are my favorite Club tours. Our members put a lot of time and effort into the planning, organizing, and leading of these runs. It is amazing how many different roads we have traveled and places we have seen over the past few years. Then there are the annual parties such as the Christmas Party, the Singletons' Oktoberfest, the Sonners' Pheasant BBQ and the Planning Meetings, to mention just a few. We also have Progressive Dinners which combine driving and eating, Natters, and impromptu Sunny Sunday Drives where someone wakes up on a beautiful day, makes some phone calls and, Voila, ten cars hit the road and go somewhere for lunch.

I have to admit that it didn't start out that way for me. When my husband, Jim, joined the club in 1997, I didn't want anything to do with it. I was into my horses and he was into the MG cars. I didn't know an MGB from an MGA or even what MG stood for. I didn't care! He had to practically bribe me to go to a meeting with him. Then I went with him to one of the Progressive Dinners and that was all it took. I had a lot of fun, met people most of whom I still see today, and realized that there was much more to this club than I thought. So, Thank You my dear husband for getting me involved and patiently teaching me about MGs.

I think that Jim made our fleet very diversified so that I would learn one car from the other. Currently we own: 1948 MGTC, 1952 MGTD, 1960 MGA Coupe, 1968 MGB Roadster, 1971 MGBGT, and a 1974 MGBGT V8 - Factory Original. My personal favorite is the MGB Roadster. Jim's first car was the 1952 TD that he bought in 1962 which cost him $299. It is his baby. Now we use our MGs as often as possible and enjoy every moment of the driving and the camaraderie that being members of the SVMGCC provides. As President, allow me to invite you to attend one of our events or meetings and see for yourself what a great group of folks we have in our club!