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 Sacramento Valley MG Car Club

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Paul Kile's  MGBGTV8 Restoration

smpaul_karen.jpg (2638 bytes) The V8 has come home to begin the long process of reassembly. Paul Kile and Karen Niiya still cannot believe that it is finally come home from the body shop!
smpaulsgarage.jpg (2624 bytes) The V8 in the garage work space assigned to it.
smpaulsgarage2.jpg (2764 bytes) A side view of the V8 in the garage.
smback1.jpg (2484 bytes) A picture of the back end of the V8. Note that the doors, hatch and front fenders have not been fitted. This will protect them while other assemblies are fitted.
smfrontview.jpg (2454 bytes) Another picture of the V8 in the driveway. The body shell looks as if it has been dipped in blue paint. Bob King Restorations performed the bodywork and painting.
smfrontview3.jpg (2278 bytes) Front view of the V8 showing the engine compartment.
smfrontview4.jpg (2231 bytes) Another view of the V8 in the driveway.
smsideview1.jpg (2642 bytes) Every where you look it is blue!!!
smsuspension.jpg (2431 bytes) The details of the front suspension assembly are visible in this picture. The wheels and steering rack are installed just for temporary transport duty. The originals are restored and will be reinstalled.
smcommision.jpg (1656 bytes) A restamped commission plate was installed.
smdataplate.jpg (1628 bytes) The original data plate has been refitted to the chassis.
smv8_1.jpg (2135 bytes) The V8 engine was rebuilt by the performance engine specialist Butch Gilbert
smv8_3.jpg (2146 bytes) Another view of the engine.
PV8 039.JPG (41210 bytes) The engine was run on a test stand.
PV8 004.JPG (39390 bytes) The engine and transmission ready for installation.
PV8 008.JPG (35686 bytes) Paul Kile preparing the body shell for installation of the engine.
PV8 016.JPG (43212 bytes) The engine being gently placed in the body shell.
PV8 019.JPG (42633 bytes)

The exhaust manifold had to be installed after the engine is in place but before engine the mount was installed.

PV8 023.JPG (45483 bytes) The engine is finally installed.
PV8 032.JPG (36339 bytes) The interior is also starting to take shape.
More To Follow!