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People gather from 5:30 to 7:30 to eat and socialize.

So, what's a Natter?
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Natter Meisters

August - Frank & Margaret Haener
September - Lindsay & Jim Costigan
October -
 Gail & Cort Farmer



Wednesday August 19th Natter

Fat Rabbit Public House
825 Sutter St, Folsom

This is a really fun place.   Styled after a pub you might find in the UK, it's a bit more American than a traditional pub.   But the beer selection is really good (see below), the food menu is tasty, and the wait staff are attentive and friendly.   When you walk in, there are a mixture of booths and tables with a fairly decent sized bar just across from the door.

The food is a mixture of many types of bar food but the majority is English food. When you enter a sign says to seat yourself, however the SVMGCC will have a section reserved.

  Yes, you have to order at the bar so there is no need for separate checks plus you can take as long as you want to peruse the menu.

Look forward to seeing all of you at the August Natter & Noggin.

-Frank & Margaret