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 Sacramento Valley MG Car Club

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Miscellaneous Tech Tips 1

When installing radiator or heater hoses (or any other type of rubber hose except air conditioning lines) smear a small amount of silicone RTV inside the end of the hose before installing. The hose will go on the pipe much easier.

When replacing a generator or alternator on any MG engine, make sure you loosen the two bolts that hold the rear bracket to the engine block before you install the new unit. After installing the new unit, adjust the fan belt and tighten all the pivot bolts first, then tighten the rear bracket to the engine block. If you don't do this, you may put excess stress on the rear mounting ear on the generator, causing it to break off in service.

When changing brake and clutch master cylinders on single circuit brake MGBs, the bolts that hold the cylinders in place are very hard to reinstall and tighten. The problem is that you have to work through a 4" square hole in the firewall to get to the bolts. A 1/4" drive socket set with a universal joint can sometimes help, but it is still next to impossible to install the lockwashers and nuts onto the bolts through that hole. The solution is to put the bolts through the master cylinder flanges from the reservoir end, so the threaded end of the bolts are sticking out toward the clevis end of the cylinder. The next step is to super glue the head of the bolt to the master cylinder flange. This way you can put the cylinder in place and put the nuts and lockwashers on from the engine compartment side. The super glue will usually hold the bolts in place and allow you to tighten the nuts without holding a wrench on the bolt head.

Early Honda Civics and Accords have a nice rubber boot seal on their rear brake adjuster studs. Check the junkyards and get a pair of these seals (found on the rear brake backing plates). They fit perfectly over MGB rear brake adjusters, keeping dirt and corrosion off of them. They also have the advantage of being quickly removable prior to those Concours events.

Paul Kile