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 Sacramento Valley MG Car Club

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Miscellaneous Pictures
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A Saint Patrick's Day parade in which the club participated. Herb Arenas and Pat English are dressed appropriately.
How many MGs can you put on the Ryer Island Ferry? Normally 6 but we stacked 10 on it and the operators were game to help us! This was a fun Sacramento Delta tour.
Some of the spectacular scenery our members are lucky enough to enjoy within a couple of hours' driving from Sacramento. From right to left: Corey Hogue and Mike Jensen; Lawrie Alexander; Harris and Barbara Morris; Jack Bank and friend; and Bob Leonti.
Every MG outing requires at least some under-car checking!
We couldn't afford the plane tickets, so we took Bill Carlton's boat and set out for Abingdon by way of Liverpool. Everything was fine until we ran out of food....But seriously folks, we don't always drive our MGs; we have fun doing other things together. Crew from right to left: Bill Carlton, John Zack, Corey Hogue, Paul Kile, Karen Kile-Niya.
SVMGCC prepares for a trip down the Delta to the Milner's house for a barbecue and swim party in 1995.
Valerie Howard, John Gerard and Paul Kile at a car show at Country Club Center circa 1980..My, how time flies when you're having fun.
Mike Jensen having a heated discussion with one of the residents of Glacier National Park. If memory serves me, the discussion was about who could dig the larger hole. Popular opinion had the locals with the advantage....

MG '95 Pictures

SVMGCC organized the national convention for the North American MGB Register at the Cal-Neva Resort, Lake Tahoe, in June 1995.

A row of MGB LE's at the MG '95 carshow.
The Winners' Circle at MG '95 in front of the Cal-Neva. Shouldn't the cars have been in a circle?!
Thanks to Val and Corey Hogue for supplying most of these pictures