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 Sacramento Valley MG Car Club

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MGB King Pin Tech Session part 1
Saturday February 7th

MGB King Pin Tech Session part 2
Saturday February 14th




The two February Tech Sessions will focus on the overhaul of front suspension. On the 7th, you will learn how to completely disassemble both sides of a 1970 MGB's front suspension, and what to look for to determine what needs repair or replacement. During the following week, the parts will be cleaned and painted as needed, and one side's king pin assembly will be overhauled .

On February 14th, you will see the reassembly of one side of the suspension, then the overhaul of the other king pin and - time permitting - the reassembly of the other side. Most elements of this job are the same for MG TDs, TFs and MGAs, although the king pins of these cars are different (and much simpler) than those of an MGB.

The sessions will start promptly at 10:00 AM both Saturdays. Address is 4401 Fawn St., Shingle Springs.