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 Sacramento Valley MG Car Club

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Amador County Drive & Breakfast
Sunday, July 13th


A day trip that will be something to remember, even for you triskaidekaphobes! We'll start by enjoying a mid-morning breakfast at one of the oldest but best restaurants in the Foothills, the Diamond Springs Hotel, 545 Pleasant Valley Road in Diamond Springs. Maybe we'll even see their famous ghost from the covered deck at the rear of the hotel, where we will be seated by ourselves and given extra special treatment. The food is very tasty, the portions are generous and the price is right. Meet there at 10:00, telling the folks that you are with the MG Club group, so we have time for a leisurely meal and conversation before we leave at 11:30 for an hour or so's drive through some scenic, winding roads that are great fun to drive.

Next stop will be the Amador Flower Farm & Nursery, 22001 Shenandoah School Rd., Plymouth. There we can browse one of the largest selections of day lilies you will ever see, as well as other plants and shrubs. There's also a gift shop and some shady picnic benches where we can relax, enjoy more conversation and use the restrooms if needed. If you think you might still be hungry or thirsty, bring something to snack on while you sit in the shade.

As soon as we're all ready, we'll drive on and take some more superb "MG" roads towards Sutter Creek, about 35 minutes away. We can decide if we want to stop at a winery or two on the way (we are, after all, in the heart of the Amador wine country) or just go straight there to park and wander round the antique and other shops in this delightful, historic town. Clearly we should also not forget to enjoy one of the delicious ice creams available there!

There are several ways home from Sutter Creek and I would expect that, once our sightseeing is over, we will break into groups depending on our various destinations. For those of us who would like some more driving on great country roads, I can lead a group via Jackson to Ione, where we can split for Sacramento or Placerville.

I need to advise the Diamond Springs Hotel how many we'll be for breakfast, so please let me know if you plan to join us. Simply send me an email (Lawrie@Britcars.com).

I hope to see a lot of you on July 13th!!

Lawrie Alexander